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Leasing and Permits

Anyone working in the Park needs to apply for a ‘permit to enter’ first. The permit to enter is required for all business activities, whether you are running a business or working on site.

Permit to enter

To apply, download our Permit to Enter form and submit it to us with all required attachments.

The application asks for details of the work, the methodology and equipment that will be used, and the time-frame needed. Include these details in the appropriate section of the form or as a separate document attached to the application. You can also submit marked-up maps or plans. 

Once you’ve fill out the form, have the final page signed by an authorised officer of your business. A safe work method statement and copy of the certificate of currency for public liability insurance must be submitted for the PTE to be approved.

Please email completed forms to [email protected], allowing a minimum of ten working days for processing and approval.



Leasing opportunities in Parramatta Park are generally done via an open market process and are advertised on our website and the NSW Governments eTendering website.

If you have any questions regarding our leasing process or would like to enquiry about a specific opportunity please email the Property Services team at [email protected]


Landowner's Consent Application

To submit a Landowner's Consent Application please download and complete our Landowner's Consent (LOC) Application form. Email the completed application and all supporting documents to the Property Services Team at: [email protected]
To reduce the processing time please ensure that your application includes:

  • a completed application form,
  • detailed description of proposed works, duration of works and estimated cost,
  • all relevant documents, drawings, and reports to support the request.

Application fee

There is a $150 processing fee for each application. The fee will be invoiced to the tenant upon receipt of a completed application must be paid in full before the Landowner's Consent process can be finalised.

Processing time

We aim to review and respond to all Landowner's Consent applications within 15 Business Days. Any time where we are waiting on additional information, clarification or payment is excluded from this timeframe.

Additional information

If you need more information, please refer to our FAQs or email the Property Services Team at [email protected]


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