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Youth Sport Upgrades

Park-wide sporting field upgrades

Parramatta Park has undergone upgrades to its sporting fields and facilities as part of a $3 million park-wide project made possible through funding from the NSW Office of Sport.

The completed upgrades include a new sporting field at Mays Hill, renewed basketball courts, new and improved cricket nets and wickets and irrigation systems that will allow for an increase in junior sport use from approximately 265,000 users each year to 350,000.


Completed Works

Work on Mays Hill Oval is now complete, and the Oval is open to the public on weekends. The work has included renewal of the cricket practice net, new irrigation resulting in improved drainage and a new turf surface.

Work at Old Kings Oval is now complete with brand new irrigation installed.

Coleman Oval has had a new synthetic cricket pitch installed (pictured). In addition, work has been completed on a sand slit renovation and a new irrigation system has been installed

At Cattle Paddock and Salters Field five new synthetic cricket pitches have been installed and are now open


We have relocated all regular bookings of the fields to other parts of Parramatta Park. Please contact your local club for information on which field you should use.

If you would like to make a booking for a sport field, please visit our page or contact [email protected].

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