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Parramatta Park

Picnic and play

The perfect day out with friends and family

Parramatta Park is the perfect place to gather with family and friends for a picnic. With plenty of green open space, you can choose a pretty spot anywhere in the Park to lay down your picnic rug. We also have two playground areas to keep the children entertained.


Parramatta Park is a great place to visit for some fresh air and short exercise. You could take a short walk or perhaps a ride around our 3.2km loop.  

Visit the places to go section to explore the different locations in the Park, and remember to follow the social distancing guidelines.


Paperbark Playground 

Our new inclusive playground, in the historic Gardens Precinct near the George Street Gatehouse, is ideal for children and toddlers. It features the very latest in innovative playground equipment as well as traditional favourites like swings and a carousel which kids with varied mobility, including wheelchair users, can enjoy. The centre piece is an ‘explorer dome’ – a huge maze made of nets, ropes, ladders and tubes that older children can climb through and balance on. ‘Softfall’ pavements cover the playground floor and there’s plenty of seats for parents and carers.

Domain Creek Playground

On the Westmead side of the Park opposite the Queens Road Gatehouse, the Domain Creek Playground is spread out over a large area, where there’s plenty of room to run around, explore and enjoy the equipment. Suitable for all ages, it has a flying fox, slides, swings, trampolines, a water pump, sand diggers and more.

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