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Parramatta Park Trust will assesses each event application on its merits, to determine if it is appropriate for the site and our annual events and activities schedule.

The assessment involves the following steps:

1. The event organiser, promoter or hirer submits the event application form to the Trust, outlining:

  • event type and activities
  • date and anticipated times/duration of the event
  • event schedule including bump in/bump out times
  • exact location requested
  • demographic/target audience of event patrons
  • ticketing information
  • proof of previous experience managing events of a similar scale
  • contact details for referees at venues previously used.


2. The Trust assesses the application internally against a number of criteria.

3. The Trust provides a response to the application, which may include preliminary approval. It should be noted that major events held by a community group may require the services of a Trust-accredited event management company.


A quote for the venue hire and security bond is issued to the event organiser, promoter or hirer, along with a sample agreement and list of required event planning documents such as:

  • entertainment details
  • marketing/promotional activities
  • site safety and risk management plans
  • security, crowd management and emergency plans
  • traffic management plans
  • temporary structures (fences/barricades) and staging
  • signage and way finding
  • food and beverage provisions
  • waste management plan, including toilet facilities
  • first aid/medical plans
  • insurance certificates, including Public Liability and Workers’ Compensation.


4. The event organiser, promoter or hirer accepts the quote and the Trust issues a Deed of Agreement that confirms:

  • venue hire fees and charges
  • security and/or cash bonds
  • WHS (Work, Health and Safety) requirements
  • schedule of due dates for event planning documents and payments
  • remedies for non-performance of contract.


5. The event organiser, promoter or hirer returns the signed agreement to the Trust with any initial payments. The Trust countersigns the agreement and the event is approved, subject to all payments being received and documents provided as agreed.


The Trust reserves the right to cancel an agreement if the event organiser, promoter or hirer fails to make payments or provide planning documents as per the agreed schedule.

If an application is not approved, the event organiser, promoter or hirer will be advised of the reasons.


Venue fees and charges

Fees and charges for events are calculated on the type of event, area used, event risk profile and any commercial aspect of the event. Fees and charges for events cannot be waived for any organisation as the Trust has obligations to the broader community.

The fees and charges are generally based on the following:

  • event application fee (mandatory)
  • venue hire fee – based on event type, capacity, layout
  • direct costs – fees for services such as Public Notification or any other service
  • deposit or bank guarantee
  • bonds – noise, park infrastructure damage and non-compliance
  • cancellation fees (where applicable).

Property damage including damage to grass, trees and other assets is the responsibility of the event organiser, promoter or hirer. Remediation costs will be determined by the Trust and deducted from the security payment at its discretion. Where the damage to the park exceeds the security bond, the event organiser, promoter or hirer will be responsible for all additional costs.



The Trust is not liable for cancellations due to natural disasters such as extreme weather, flooding or fire. It is advised that the event organiser, promoter or hirer insure against this possibility.

If an event is cancelled for non-performance of contract, the appropriate provisions of the contract will be enforced.

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