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Lighting plan

Events that finish after sunset will require a lighting plan as part of the crowd management plan particularly crowd egress. Adequate lighting is also required for bump out work. 

Event Lighting Plans must consider the effect on Park wildlife by:

• Utilising either low pressure sodium lamps with UV filters for all lighting, or alternative lighting that will minimise adverse impacts

• Minimising the time during which the lighting is used

• Use lowest possible brightness for all lighting

• Where possible, direct light below the horizontal plane towards the path and shield vegetation by fitting lights with hoods

• not illuminating bat roosts (hollows in trees) or the GHFF camp

• Ensuring that bat habitat / flyways are not cut-off by installation of light sources (i.e. minimal lighting on any bridges across the River /Creek because they are used as flyways by bats, lighting to be set back 2 m from the canopy edge and facing away
  from lines of trees to provide a darkened flyway between the light source and vegetation.

View a Lighting Plan adequate for an event at the Crescent.


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